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Product advantages

  We have not only advanced technology but also high quality equipment for manufacturing and inspection , as well as high standard and stable supply of Biodegradable products.

  Our products advantages:

  1)Suitable for microwave and freezer safe .

  2)High temperature resistance, no deformation and no leakage.

  3With recycling value , waste can be recycled .

  4)Clean and healthful, friendly environmentally.

  5Natural degradation , become organic fertilizer.

  6)Packaging take-out orders. Use hamburger , compartment , and sugarcane disposable clamshells to hold salads, desserts, hamburgers, and sandwiches with ease. Disposable lunch boxes are ideal for take-out lunches or holding large orders of fries or small meals. Durable, they are guaranteed to prevent sauces and juicy dishes from leaking through containers, and ensure a quality customer dining experience.

  7)We are exporting our products to Europe , the North America , South America, Australia, Japan etc. It has good reputation from all the clients.

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