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Standard PK inferior

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In the era of fast food, disposable lunch boxes are closely related to life, and safety and environmental protection are particularly important. More and more customers and consumers are paying attention to the definition standard between the standard and inferior boxes, especially when purchasing.

The materials of disposable lunch boxes are classified in many ways, and the production process of products with different materials is also very different. The so-called conforming products and inferior products are not black and white, and it is difficult to judge or define accurately in the general detection process according to the current national standards.

Here, we will sort out a set of safety consumption guidelines from an objective point of view based on the quality difference of PP plastic disposable (blister) lunch box, the mainstream lunch box favored by the catering market, combined with the reflection of different levels of the market, so as to provide consumers with reference, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of PP plastic disposable (blister) lunch box.

One material

1. Standard lunch box: 100% PP food grade new material is used, with zero addition of environmental protection and safety.

(pure PP material is uniform in thickness, transparent in primary color, elastic and ductile in bending)

2. Poor quality lunch box: recycled materials are added with non food grade fillers, or overused.

(most of them are gray black, with uneven color and thickness after adding fillers. Generally, the fillers are white or black, and the lids are processed into soft and thin transparent PS materials.)

Two design

1. Standard: the bearing and compression design is reasonable, relatively thick, heavy and hard, focusing on practicality, with small inclination and large capacity.

2. Poor quality: the material is soft and thin, the box is flat, (the production is simple, and it looks generous), the four corners have a large inclination, and the capacity is small.

Three process

1. Standard lunch box: adopt the mechanical equipment of the QS certified enterprise, the lunch box is in place, beautiful and textured, and the box and cover are sealed with high degree of fit.

2. Low quality lunch box: the processing machinery is simple. In order to save cost, the process is in place in one step. The lunch box is irregular in shape, with rough edges and burrs, without half ears of cover removal, and the sealing degree of the box cover is not guaranteed.

IV. how to ensure the safety of use

1. Select a supplier with good reputation and verify the origin of the product in detail.

2. The bottom or cover of regular products shall be stamped with QS certification number and material identification symbol, such as' 'symbol, representing PP material.

3. Under the condition of not knowing the product performance, try to avoid using it at a high temperature of more than 80 ℃.

4. When purchasing, it is better to choose transparent primary color products with high safety factor.

5. When heated, it will not stink, distort or soften into a safe lunch box.

5. Hazards caused by poor lunch boxes

1. Lunch boxes made of recycled domestic plastic, pesticide waste or medical plastic waste, some of the attached stubborn bacteria or bacteria can not be killed by the melting point temperature of the plastic, which has great potential harm. After heating, they will gradually precipitate and penetrate into the meals.

2. In order to reduce the cost, the mixture of fillers (calcium carbonate, talcum powder) and other minerals will also harm the health. The adhesive plasticizer compatible between plastics and fillers, as well as the non food grade special fillers, are the additives commonly used by the manufacturers of poor quality lunch boxes, which will cause serious injury.

3. If the PS cover is inadvertently placed in the microwave oven for heating, it will be melted and deformed, and various harmful substances will be separated out.

6. Details neglected by consumers and the role of details

1. QS symbol and QS certification number. The products with QS symbol on the market but without QS certification number are likely to be fake certification products, so the source of product legitimacy cannot be traced. Only those with QS symbol and certification number can trace the product details to identify the authenticity.

2. Brand name. The birth of a brand is the trust and recognition given by consumers through their use. The purchase of a product and recognition of a brand name is a powerful guarantee.

3. User experience: to do a good job in products is to serve consumers. Regular manufacturers must design and manufacture with heart to meet consumers' demands. Its comprehensive properties include good sealing, compression resistance and not easy to deform, lifting ears, prompt signs (prompt for use in high and low temperature environment), etc.

7. Cost difference between standard and inferior lunch box

The price of the standard lunch box is 70% - 100% higher than that of the inferior one.

8. How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of consumers

1. QS symbol \ QS number \ material symbol

2. The primary color is the best.

3. PP new material has texture, tension and elasticity, transparent and odorless. With the addition of fillers, it has a sense of paper, soft and uneven thickness, and large color difference.

4. The density of PP material is less than 1, the cuttings are put into the water to float, the mineral density of mixed material and calcium carbonate is more than 1, and the weight will sink.

5. The general use temperature of the lunch box is - 18-120 ℃, and there is no peculiar smell when heated. Recycled plastic materials will deform and have peculiar smell when exposed to heat.

6. Understand from its brand awareness, product quality, sales volume, website and consumer's word-of-mouth evaluation.

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