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Environmental protection tableware: is it environmental protection or not?

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Health and environmental protection are the basic demands of this society. Health will make us live better and do more meaningful things. Environmental protection is also for us to have a clean and clean living environment. Disposable safety tableware can bring convenient and fast life mode, which is the demand of the public. Just like the public needs furniture, social progress needs books, so it is inevitable to cut down trees to make them. So long as there is cutting and planting, a good resource cycle will be formed, which not only solves the social needs, but also enables the environmental protection ecology to survive. We make disposable tableware, which is about health and environmental protection, to meet the needs of the society, and has a very sound follow-up treatment and reuse, which is the greatest significance and value.

Both domestic plastic waste and medical plastic waste can be recycled, but these wastes will inevitably contaminate and carry some harmful substances in the use process. After recycling and processing, it can no longer act on the loading or packaging of food and drink related to daily life. After treatment, it can be used for other purposes such as industrial production appliances, which will not only not cause waste of resources, but also indirectly ensure the personal safety of consumers.

As for the raw materials and brand-new materials used for food packaging, a certain amount of other harmless compounds can be added to increase the plasticity of products within the scope of relevant laws and regulations. But making such a product is like cooking, and additives are like putting salt. The moderate salt is the delicacy, and the excessive salt is the poison. In order to save costs, there are many manufacturers who are desperate to add excessive materials to their products. But in addition to the manufacturers themselves, as consumers, as laymen, we don't know what is mixed in these products. Then, on the premise of being responsible for their own safety, try to select enterprises and products with safety certification qualification. In addition to these products with additives, there is also a pure new material product that our enterprise does not really add any additives. The former is for sales and the latter is for quality. As mentioned above, if our non added safety products will cause environmental pollution after use, will those products with added compounds guarantee the safety of consumers? Is it even less environmentally friendly?

We believe that with the continuous progress of the society, the continuous development of science, the improvement of the environmental protection cycle system, the classification and utilization of all kinds of garbage, the problems related to environmental protection can be solved, and health and environmental protection can coexist reasonably.

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