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From Sugarcane to Sustainable Tableware

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  Zhizhen-EP recently released biodegradable and compostable bowls and plates. The newest product line offers products that are durable, microwave-safe, break down into nutrient-rich soil, and do not use trees in their production process. These features are made possible from using Bagasse to make the plates and bowls.

  What is Bagasse? How is it used to make plates and bowls?

  Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the juices are removed from sugarcane stalk. The fibrous portion generally becomes a waste product after the juices are separated. This is where Zhizhen-EP comes in. This fibrous material is then heat pressed into the desired shape of the product using a high-heat, high pressure process to make sugarcane products and tableware for any establishment include plates and bowls.

  The finished bowls and plates are then tested for oil and water resistance. Only after the bowls and plates pass those tests can they be packaged and ready for consumers. The completed packages are filled with plates and bowls to be used for picnics, cafeterias, or any time there is a need for disposable tableware. Tableware that provides peace of mind for the eco-conscious.

The plates and bowls are 100% biodegradable and can completely break down in 90 days in a compost facility.

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